Happy 50th Birthday to the Grateful Dead's Skull And Roses!

Grateful Dead Skull and Roses Stanley Mouse Alton Kelley Avalon Poster50 YEARS AGO TODAY 9/16/66!
Stanley Mouse and Alton Kelley include the Skull and Roses in their Avalon Ballroom poster, creating an instant Grateful Dead icon.

Richard Biffle "Monkey & The Engineer" Blotter Art Print Release

Richard Biffle Monkey & The Engineer Blotter ArtSigned, numbered Richard Biffle blotter art, "The Monkey & the Engineer", will be released on Shakedown Gallery Thursday, June 23rd, noon Pacific time.

Rolling Stones Blotter Art Signed By Sam Cutler

Former Rolling Stones and Grateful Dead band manager signed copies of this Rolling Stones blotter art at the 2016 Haight Street Fair.

"All Your Face Are Belong To Us!" Fawkes Blotter Art Design by Mikio

All Your Face Anonymous Guy Fawkes Occupy Blotter Art

A Deadhead homage to hackers and activists, this piece features the Guy Fawkes mask made popular by Alan Moore's "V For Vendetta" series with a tip of the hat to the online group Anonymous.

Free Shipping At ShakedownGallery.com Until 2016

A Tasty Offer For The Holidays! 

Free Shipping at ShakedownGallery.comFree Shipping at ShakedownGallery.com through New Year's 2016! 

The Counter Culture Comes From Santa Cruz

Owsley Kesey Signed Acid Test The Merry Pranksters convene in Santa Cruz for Lee Quarnstrom's book signing, the 50th Anniversary of the Acid Tests and a commemoration ceremony.

The Golden Road Tour

Golden Road GalleryIn honor of the Furthur Bus’ Fiftieth Anniversary “Golden Road Tour” Shakedown Gallery will be touring as The Golden Road Gallery, presenting a special Ken Kesey exhibit titled “50 Years Furthur”.

Fifty Years Furthur

Fifty years ago today, author Ken Kesey and his friends took a cross-country voyage that changed the world. Their destination? Furthur! 

Deadheadland To Create Regular Blotter Art Feature

My friends at Deadheadland have decided to create a regular feature on Blotter Art.

For the first image, we decided on Richard Biffle's Minuteman Blotter Art.

Visit The Shakedown Gallery at the Haight Ashbury Street Fair on Sunday

Visit the Shakedown Gallery at the Haight Ashbury Street Fair Sunday for signed art prints by Stanley Mouse, Mike DuBois, Susana Millman, Ken Kesey, Timothy Leary, Albert Hofmann and Sasha Shulgin.