Blotter Art by Shakedown Gallery

If you or someone you know is interested in underground artwork, psychedelic artwork, or acid folklore, you will love collecting LSD Blotter Acid Art.
The original collector and scene maker of blotter art is Mark McCloud, a San Francisco artist and former art professor. His collection started over 30 years ago. Today he has over 400 framed prints and thousands of unframed sheets, constituting the largest collection of blotter art in the world.
In the early days blotter art could only be obtained with LSD already on it. McCloud bought these sheets, matted and framed them, and hung them like fine art. It was initially quite difficult for McCloud to collect the undipped (and hence legal) sheets of art, so he'd have to venture out into the underground and ask dealers if they could get him the same image on an undipped sheet. Initially this was quite controversial -- "Is this guy a Fed or wacko?" -- But after a few high profile art shows and a couple high profile busts (for the paper, not th drug) Mark McCloud was cleared of suspicion on two fronts -- he wasn't a Fed and he wasn't a Drug Kingpin -- and over time his interest in this unique form of folk art was vindicated. In time McCloud also began to produce his own images and his collection has shifted to a completely legal blotter art archive.
Through Mark McCloud, blotter art was promoted at galleries and exhibits, earning him awards and accolades. In 1987, during a 20th Anniversary celebration of the Summer of Love, the San Francisco County Fair gave McCloud a ribbon for his "unusual but timely" exhibition. National Public Radio gave McCloud exposure, and he subsequently won grants from the National Endowment for the Arts, and others. The Following year, 1988, , McCloud hosted his Cure of Souls exhibit at the celebrated Psychedelic Solution gallery in New York City.

No other individual has done more to promote the form than Mark McCloud, but his interest has spread virally and many artists have adopted Blotter Art as a legitimate medium. Blotter Art is 100% legal. Blotter Art is ART! However, LSD is illegal, therefore there is no LSD present on any of the designs on

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