Halloween 2020 Blotter Art Release

October 30, 2020

October 31, 1989, the Grateful Dead released “Built To Last,” their final studio album. The album was commissioned by Arista Records and promoted using Grateful Dead Halloween pumpkin art by Mikio Kennedy and William Giese. This Halloween, 31 years after the initial image use, the Skull and Roses Pumpkin (affectionately dubbed Pumpkin Head by the artists) is being released as a small fifty-piece signed, numbered blotter art print edition. An unsigned open edition will also be available for purchase. Prints are 7.5 inches square, perforated into 900 quarter inch squares, and signed by Mikio and William. If you’re interested in buying a signed or unsigned perforated print of the image, please visit http://shakedown.link/halloween-2020 on October 31st at 9am Pacific. Thanks!

Remember Remember The Fifth of November.
Or in the case of the United States in 2020, the Third of November.

Randal Roberts' classic Fawkes painting is being released as a signed, numbered blotter art print. Print measures 6.25 inches by 9 inches and is perforated into 900 quarter inch squares. 

The perfect accessory for masquerade parties or burning down Parliament, but we don't advise indulging in the latter, as it tends to lead to trouble.

Be sure to also check out the Randal Roberts Limited Edition collection on the site for other signed, numbered Randal Roberts prints.


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