Appa The Dancing Elephant Blotter Art

April 09, 2019

Appa The Dancing Elephant is a global sensation that is also no stranger to the blotter art realm.

"APPA has trekked from the peaks of Asia to the dankest subways of NYC, swaying hips in Europe and swimming in the universal joy of Down Under...

"For many years, APPA has been on the loose, turning heads, dancing to a global heartbeat. The APPA stargate was dialed and busted open first in India, with our worldwide dance culture and, much later, on the playa of the Burning Man Festival, APPA’s bold lines, bouncy moves, activated third eye, and whompin' step embody our collective vision to spread joy and a positive paradigm throughout the world."

Thus begins the Mission Statement of Appa.

In case one is new to the phenomenon, Appa, it should be noted, IS a Mission!

"So far 250,000 visionary APPA stickers have been freely distributed as a social statement of positivity worldwide. What was meant as a gift to the Burning Man community became a planetary project for joy, and APPA wouldn’t have it any other way, for APPA knows no boundaries."

Over a quarter of a million Appa stickers. No kidding.

Appa began as a fun image for Perry to hand out at HouseWares, his Burning Man / House music fashion shop on Haight Street. When San Franciscan Mark McCloud created the now infamous Elephants on Parade blotter art, he snuck Appa in amongst the many Disney images that also populated the print.

In 2020, after playing such a seminal supporting role, Appa is getting his own blotter art. And not just in one style, but in three.

There's an Appa On White, an Appa On Black and an Appa On Psychedelic Pattern.

Buy one, buy a pair or buy the set of all three. Appa stickers will be included with each purchase.

Prints will be available on ShakedownGallery.com's site in the 2019 Bicycle Day Collection starting at 9am Pacific on April 19th, and that evening at the Bicycle Day party in San Francisco at the Midway.


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