Don't Miss Your Chance To Purchase The New Alex Grey Signed Print

New Signed, Numbered Alex Grey Shpongled Blotter ArtThe new signed, numbered Alex Grey blotter art print will be available Thursday at 9AM Pacific! Grab it if you missed it! It's beautiful!

Enter To Win Three Free Shakedown Gallery Prints

We're running our first ever giveaway contest at 

The winner of this prize will be able to choose three designs from Shakedown Gallery blotter art prints. 

Pre-Sale For New Alex Grey Signed Limited Edition Print

Alex Grey Signed Shpongled Blotter ArtPre-Sale for a new signed, numbered Alex Grey blotter art print, "Shpongled", will begin Friday, November 25th, on at 9am Pacific time. 

Captain L Blotter Art

Captain L Blotter Acid Art
One of the oldest known blotter art prints is Captain L.
It was produced in the early '70s by "The Electric Buddha Outfit."
Unperforated cut along.

Chuck Sperry Beatle and Orange Sunshine Blotter Drop

Chuck Sperry I'd Love To Turn You On Beatle Blotter SetsChuck Sperry Beatle Blotter and Orange Sunshine prints will go on sale Wednesday, July 20 at 9am PST through the Limited Edition Blotter Art page on

Chuck Sperry Beatle Blotter Art Print Release

Chuck Sperry Beatle John Blotter ArtShakedown Gallery is pleased to announce the release of five Chuck Sperry blotter prints, including the four piece "I'd Love To Turn You On" Beatle Blotter Set.

Holy Grail of Blotter Art Sells For Over $10,000

Leary Hofmann Holy Grail Blotter Art The legendary "Holy Grail of Blotter Art" (the Heraldic Shields edition signed by Albert Hofmann and Timothy Leary) closed this week for over $10,000.

Richard Biffle "Monkey & The Engineer" Blotter Art Print Release

Richard Biffle Monkey & The Engineer Blotter ArtSigned, numbered Richard Biffle blotter art, "The Monkey & the Engineer", will be released on Shakedown Gallery Thursday, June 23rd, noon Pacific time.

Rolling Stones Blotter Art Signed By Sam Cutler

Former Rolling Stones and Grateful Dead band manager signed copies of this Rolling Stones blotter art at the 2016 Haight Street Fair.

"All Your Face Are Belong To Us!" Fawkes Blotter Art Design by Mikio

All Your Face Anonymous Guy Fawkes Occupy Blotter Art

A Deadhead homage to hackers and activists, this piece features the Guy Fawkes mask made popular by Alan Moore's "V For Vendetta" series with a tip of the hat to the online group Anonymous.