Richard Biffle "Monkey & The Engineer" Blotter Art Print Release

June 21, 2016

Richard Biffle Monkey & The Engineer Blotter Art

A new signed, numbered Richard Biffle blotter art edition, "The Monkey & the Engineer", will be released Thursday, June 23rd, here at noon Pacific time. 

The design is a signed, numbered edition of 150 pieces by prominent Grateful Dead artist Richard Biffle. It depicts a skeletal engineer and a small repeating monkey pattern in the background. 

The design was printed offset using soy based inks and is signed and numbered in gold metallic ink. 

The print measures 7.5 inches by 7.5 inches and is perforated into 900 quarter inch squares. 

FREE SHIPPING on this print and all Shakedown Gallery orders of $40 or more. 

As an added incentive, everyone who buys within the first 48 hours the print is on sale will also receive a sturdy vinyl 3"x3" weather resistant Albert Hofmann "Pure" sticker absolutely free. 

Albert Hofmann Pure Blotter Art Sticker


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