Celebrate the 80 Year Anniversary of Albert Hofmann's First Synthesis!

November 16, 2018

November 16, 1938. This date is not nearly as recognized as April 19, 1943, but 80 years ago today, Swiss pharmacologist Dr. Albert Hofmann first synthesized a compound that would have earth-changing effects. That compound was, of course, LSD-25 and it sat unexplored for nearly five years. Then Dr. Hofmann had what he described as a "peculiar presentiment" and he went back and learned of its properties first-hand. 

To celebrate the 80th Anniversary of Dr. Hofmann's first synthesis, Shakedown Gallery is hosting a one-day flash sale. Alex Grey's well-known portrait depicting St Albert and the LSD Revelation Revolution was released by Shakedown Gallery in two limited edition Albert Hofmann blotter art prints. One is signed by Alex Grey and the other is signed by both Alex and Allyson Grey. 

St Albert Hofmann Blotter Art by Alex Grey

Today, November 16, 2018, and today only, to honor the 80th Anniversary of Dr. Hofmann's discovery, enter the coupon code ALBERT at checkout and receive 15% off on the purchase of one or more of these prints.  

Albert Hofmann Bicycle Day Blotter Art by Alex and Allyson Grey
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Matthew Rick, owner of Shakedown Gallary


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