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Blotter Barn Hits by Mark McCloudMark McCloud's Blotter Barn, which normally specializes in "barn sized blotters for barn sized wallets" (large format forensic Giclée prints of blotter acid hits) has decided to change course and go from macro to micro with their latest project. The Barn's Institute of Illegal Images has compiled a sort of "Greatest Hits" package -- a palm sized tome that covers the history of blotter paper in a sleek, glossy hardback book. 

"It's a bit wordy", Mark jokes. Apart from the title and copyright info, the only words in the book are the dedication: "to Forester." 

In this tiny tome, compiled by McCloud and craft book-maker Dana Dana Dana, the history of this art in miniature is carefully covered in a series of beautiful photographs. The favorites are all represented, from Gorby to Jesus, Gooney Birds to Album Covers. Mr Bill? Dolphins? Globes? Got 'em all.

More fun than a Barrel of Monkeys, but, yeah, those are in there too.

Conspicuous in its absence, however, is the notorious "Sorceror's Apprentice" that started the scare that LSD was being distributed as Mickey Mouse stamps to lure in school children. But who has time to deal with a suit from Disney? 

The price? A mere $10! 

Blotter Barn Hits can be purchased here.


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  • What a cool book. I love the whole idea of this artwork. The black market is so much more interesting than going to the mall and seeing what the corporations are ramming down the publics throat. Historically the BM is much more interesting too, has always been and will always be. I hope the stories behind the art are written down somewhere, maybe not publishable now but with time it should be told(look at probation). And acids not going away, it’s social affect has yet to be realized.

    Tim Lee on

  • i have no words in this volume other than the tribute “To Forester” because of the unrelenting war on drugs! To say anything more specific might divulge information best kept secret.

    mark mccloud on

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