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Black Friday Pricing 365 Days A Year!

Nov 26, 2014 0 comments

After some tweaking with the system, bulk discount pricing is now live on!

When you purchase multiple items, the price per item goes down on most items in the store.

The bulk item prices are:


1 or 2 = $20 each
3-5 Blotters = $15 each
25% OFF!
6-9 Blotters = $13 each
35% OFF!
10-19 Blotters = $10 each
50% OFF!
50-99 Blotters = $7 each
65% OFF!
100+ Blotters = $5 each

CoSM, signed, rare and vintage items are not included in bulk order pricing. 

My only glitch is I don't yet know how to load a "return to store" button in the checkout page to continue shopping. 

Baby steps... :)

Keep smiling!

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