Wavy Gravy Signs "Hog Farm and Friends" On Haight Street

June 01, 2014

Wavy Gravy Signs Hog Farm and Friends BookYesterday at Jammin On Haight's 2nd Annual Youth Celebration Day, Wavy Gravy signed his forty year old book "Hog Farm and Friends".

The book is a curious piece of Hog Farm Commune / Merry Prankster ephemera and features an awesome cover by psychedelic surf artist extraordinaire Rick Griffin and a hilariously twisted "Be-Foreward" by author Ken Kesey

Wavy was pleased to see that a near mint copy of his book was floating around and was very tickled to sign it. 

I was down at the post-office mailing prints and Sunny was talking to friends in front of the shop with the book in her hand when the clown leapt from his chair and yelled, "You! With the Skirt! And the Red Book! Do you know what you have there?" 

It was Sunny who remembered the book and suggested I bring it along. (Thanks Sunny!)

Youth Celebration Day was held as a fundraiser for Wavy's circus and performing arts camp, Camp Winnarainbow, and included such attractions as face painting, a tie-dye tutorial / demonstration, ice cream, bubbles, bbq, jokes and, of course, a pig kissing booth... yes, with a real pig.


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