Alex Grey, Purple Geezus and the Church of the Little Green Man

Ask a couple dozen fans of the form what the most memorable blotter art of all time is and you'll likely hear "Purple Jesus" or "Purple Carbon Jesus" or just "Jesus" quite a few times. 

The print derives its name from an Alex Grey painting rendered for a band called Purple Geezus, house band at the Church of the Little Green Man, and it was made famous as blotter art by perf art legend Mark McCloud

If you were on Grateful Dead Tour in late '93 or most of '94 you may have heard people walking around the parking lot saying "Who's seen Jesus?" They may have seemed like Born-Agains. In one respect, perhaps they were, but believe me, not in the way the Baptist Church wants them to be. 

Here's a version of the Purple Jesus known as the Nine Panel:

Alex Grey Purple Jesus Nine Panel Blotter Art
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adam said on May 10, 2016:

id like to buy copy of remaing jesus blotter but cant see how? please email me !

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