Paying A Visit To Stanley Mouse's Mouseum

May 15, 2014

We had the great fortune of running up to Sebastopol and paying a visit to world-renowned psychedelic poster master Stanley Mouse at his "Mouseum". The Mouseum is part studio space, part showcase, part shipping / order fulfillment for the Mouse Studios website. It is filled with samples of awe inspiring Grateful Dead and Fillmore Era '60s ephemera alongside beautiful portrait style paintings, typically of attractive female models. But my favorite part of any visit I've ever had with Mouse is seeing the cool weird stuff he's working on that reflects his fun, quirky, playful personality. 

This visit was no different. 

He has a series of cartoon portraits of food in Mexican attire that he created for an art show at a nearby Mexican Restaurant that he's placed in there under the pseudonym "La Rodente" and he also did a mock poster for a 4/20 Celebration Afterparty at Slim's. The venue closes at 2 AM but he created a poster saying "Zombie Dance: No Band. After 2 AM." 

We also saw some cool, fun, rarities. And, of course, picked up art for the upcoming festival season, some of which will be posted on the site soon.

If you can't wait to see what was picked out, drop a line and ask.


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