Look What Showed Up In My Living Room While I Was Away At JazzFest!

May 07, 2014


A Gordon Merrick Symmetry In Wood Grateful Dead mandala appeared in my living room while I was away at the New Orleans Jazz Festival! 

Gordon's first mandala was a commission from the Grateful Dead. The band paid him in tickets and backstage passes. Gordon says that was the best commission he's ever done! 

These mandalas are part of Gordon's series of Grateful Dead "Steal Your Face" mandalas inlayed with Mother Of Pearl, Walnut Burl and Camphor Burl.

We have been displaying these mandalas at the Shakedown Gallery's "Vibes Gallery" at the Gathering of the Vibes festival for over a decade. 

It's fitting enough that one appeared in my living room because mine has taken residence in the Gallery Hobbit's living room on the east coast! 


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