Alex Grey Blotter Prints Now Available!

February 19, 2014

The Shakedown Gallery is proud to announce that it now has four Alex Grey Blotter Art prints available!

These four prints, Bardo Being, Vajra Being, Vision Crystal and The St Albert 70th Anniversary Bicycle Day Blotter Art design are being made available exclusively from the Shakedown Gallery online and at live appearances where Shakedown Gallery will be working with Alex and Allyson Grey.

Signed copies of these prints are only being made available at live appearances, but unsigned copies can be purchased now.  For more information, please visit the following pages:


 Alex Grey’s Bardo Being Blotter Art


Alex Grey’s Vajra Being Blotter Art


Alex Grey’s Vision Crystal Blotter Art


St Albert 70th Anniversary Bicycle Day Blotter Art


Allyson Grey’s “Chaos” and “Order” designs have also recently been produced as Blotter Art and will be available online shortly. Thank you for your interest and your support of Alex and Allyson Grey’s Chapel of Sacred Mirrors project.



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