Remaining Few Foil and Canvas Alex Grey Purple Jesus Prints Available

April 13, 2016

Alex Grey Purple Jesus

As a Shakedown Gallery exclusive, I'm able to offer the final remaining Alex Grey Purple Jesus Foil prints and a few of the dwindling stock of Purple Jesus Canvas Prints. 

Alex Grey's Purple Jesus painting is an image of legend made famous in the psychedelic underground by blotter sheet that hit Grateful Dead Tour in the early '90s and was later immortalized by a signed, numbered release of the image as a completely legal art edition of the print. 

More than twenty years later, Alex has authorized the Visionary Art Exchange to release of this image in two new editions: a 100 piece signed, numbered canvas edition and a 25 piece foil edition. 

The foil edition has already sold out on the Visionary Art Exchange web site and while the canvas edition is selling through steadily as well, Shakedown Gallery can offer canvas prints #5 and #6 to the first two people to make a purchase.  (The foil currently on hand is #10 of 25.)

These editions aren't cheap, but the prints do come framed, matted and ready to hang. 

They're also nearly sold out. 

For more info on the Purple Jesus blotter and the Church of the little Green Man, check out an earlier Shakedown Gallery blog post on the blotter.

For another author's take on the matter, check out Jesus on LSD, BOOM Magazine's recent story about Purple Jesus. 


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