Drop The Mics

Drop The Mics Blotter Art Show

shakedown gallery 

On December 1st, Shakedown Gallery is hosting "Drop The Mics: A Blotter Art Show". The exhibition will run as a pop-up gallery at 411 Haight Street from December 1- January 1.

Drop the Mics features an amazing collection of art by some of your favorite psychedelic and visionary artists. The show will feature many signed limited blotter art editions, plus rare archival prints including pieces from Mark McCloud's notorious Institute of Illegal Images. 

Featured Events

drop the mics daniel shankin mark henson psychedelic integration

Opening Reception
December 1st
3pm to 8pm

Sitting For Psychonauts
December 9th, 9am to 10:30am
Preregistration Here

An Evening with Mark Henson
December 14th, 7pm to 9pm
Presale Tickets Only

Psychedelic Integration Circle
December 18th, 7pm to 9pm
Preregistration Here



New and Pre-Released limited edition artwork will be available from:


mike dubois

Alex Grey
Stanley Mouse
Chuck Sperry
Mark Henson
Jonathan Singer
David Cooley
Richard Biffle
Sommer Biffle
Mark McCloud
Jeff Wood
Mike DuBois
Tina Carpenter
Jonathan Solter
Randal Roberts
Sarah Farah
William Giese
Lizzy Layne
Jake Kobrin

More artists and releases will be announced throughout the month! 

Stay tuned for updates on additional events happening during the month. 

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