Richard Biffle "Iko Iko" Signed, Numbered Blotter Art

$ 40.00
Original painting by artist Richard Biffle, best known for many stunning renditions of Grateful Dead archetypes. 

Edition is 135 pieces, signed and numbered. 

Print measures 7.5 inches by 7.5 inches
Perforated into 900 quarter inch squares
Signed, numbered edition of 50 pieces

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What Is Blotter Art?

Blotter Art is one of the world’s most important (and misunderstood) forms of folk art. Blotter Art started out as the artwork on the paper that drug dealers used to distribute LSD. The various designs were used as a sort of calling card to distinguish a particular brand. After some time, art lovers began to understand the value of this historical art form and collect and preserve the unsaturated artwork.

Is this printed with vegetable ink?

We ensure prints are high quality using vegetable ink and matte finish.

Is The Signature Real?

Yes, signed and numbered by the original artist. No copies!

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