Stanley Mouse "I Need A New Brain" Blotter Art

$ 300.00

The first (and still the best) licensed Stanley Mouse Blotter Art design, signed and numbered by the legendary San Francisco poster artist. Mouse signed and numbered 300 prints and a handful of APs. This is one of the numbered designs. It measures 7.5 inches by 7.5 inches in size and Mouse signed it with his characteristic "Running Mouse" doodle. Both the art and the signature are beauties!

Before his life as a psychedelic poster artist, Stanley Mouse painted Monster Cars in Detroit. This piece was designed as a clever parody of his classic interpretation of the Edmund Sullivan Skull and Roses design he and Alton Kelley had made famous in the Avalon Ballroom Grateful Dead poster. Mouse titled this parody "I Need A New Liver".

Years after his successful liver operation, we approached Mouse to ask if we could put a tab on the tongue and make a blotter art design from his piece. Mouse giggled and said sure. At the 11th hour, this piece was renamed from "I Need A New Liver" to "I Need A New Brain." Nowadays Mouse sells a poster with a variation of this design as "Sugar Cube" but, call us biased, we think this blotter image captures the spirit of the design best.