Bicycle Day Deck of Playing Cards

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Casino quality card stock with lifetime plastic coating, elegant printing, precision cutting complete with tuck box - our Bicycle Day deck of playing cards will blow you away!

This 52 card deck is 100% custom designed including each card's back, face, number, and box designed by the rock n roll, psychedelic visionary dream team of Tripp, Mark Serlo, Ryan Kerrigan, and Rizzi. Each artist selected an LSD pioneer to honor:

  • Tripp - Owsley "Bear" Stanley, the King
  • Mark Serlo - Ken Kesey, the Joker/Prankster
  • Ryan Kerrigan - Timothy Leary, the Jack
  • Rizzi - "Black Maria" the Spanish Lady, the Queen

Playing card decks will ship separately from other orders. If you place a "card deck only" order, use the discount code DEAL at checkout for free shipping.

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What Is Blotter Art?

Blotter Art is one of the world’s most important (and misunderstood) forms of folk art. Blotter Art started out as the artwork on the paper that drug dealers used to distribute LSD. The various designs were used as a sort of calling card to distinguish a particular brand. After some time, art lovers began to understand the value of this historical art form and collect and preserve the unsaturated artwork.

Is this printed with vegetable ink?

We ensure prints are high quality using vegetable ink and matte finish.

How Do I Get Bulk Discounts?

The more you buy, the less the cost per print!

Mix and match any unsigned prints for increased discounts:

1-2 Blotters = $20 each

3-5 Blotters = $15 each
Use CODE: 25% OFF

6-9 Blotters = $13 each
Use CODE: 35% OFF

10-19 Blotters = $10 each
Use CODE: 50% OFF

20-49 Blotters = $9 each
Use CODE: 55% OFF

50-99 Blotters = $7 each
Use CODE: 65% OFF

100+ Blotters = $5 each
Use CODE: 75% OFF

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